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Chalk the Walk

Hey parents!

We have a fun NEW school event for all of you THIS Saturday, 8/27 that we would LOVE for you to join us for because it is FOR the kids.

This Saturday, join us on campus to CHALK THE WALK, where we invite each and every one of you to use sidewalk chalk (we have some for you to use) and create positive messages welcoming our students back to school. We will plan to do this on our front sidewalks and the bus sidewalks and know that this will be SO EXCITING for our students to see Monday morning (our 1st day).

While you are on campus with us, your principals (myself and Mr. Paschal) would love to treat you to a popsicle and catch up with you or get to know you if you are new to Wentworth.

Stop by anytime, this Saturday, 8/27 between 10:30am - 1:30pm to CHALK THE WALK. Let's do something fun and uplifting for ALL students here at Wentworth as we start a new school year together.

See you tomorrow at Open House!

~Dr. Hardin

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