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Dec. 10th Positive Happenings

Each school day during the month of December and January, we want to share individual staff member messages about something positive that is happening within their class. Today's positive happening is from Kindergarten classroom teacher, Mrs. Barbara Dishmon. Check out her positive happening below!

This week our Wentworth Kindergarten students are doing a unit on Gingerbread Men. We are reading different versions of the stories, The Gingerbread Man, The Gingerbread Boy, Gingerbread Girl, and Gingerbread Baby. We have compared their characters, the settings, and the endings. The students wanted to find out what would have happened if the gingerbread man had actually jumped into the river instead of getting eaten by the fox. The children were very excited to share with their classmates their observations of what happened during their experiment with a gingerbread cookie in water. They are also making a giant gingerbread kid and writing & using cookie cutouts to show solutions to addition and subtraction problems. Kindergarteners are the smartest cookies in the school!

- Barbara Dishmon

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