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Dec. 17th Positive Happenings

Each school day during the month of December and January, we want to share individual staff member messages about something positive that is happening within their class. Today's positive happening is from 5th grade classroom teacher, Mrs. Kelsey Heiney. Check out her positive happening below!

Today our class participated in a Holiday Fun Zoom where we worked on our art and writing skills to make cards for special people in our lives. Students spent time brainstorming and thinking about people they appreciate, but may not thank enough, or someone special who could use a little extra holiday cheer this time of year.

We spent time hanging out and having fun while students worked on their holiday art, and wrote a handwritten letter to share a smile with someone who needs it most. I am so thankful for each one of these smiling faces. Their kind hearts, positive attitudes and resilience during this tough year have brought so much joy to me each and everyday. I hope they brighten your day as well! Through our virtual journey together this year, my students have taught me just as much as I am teaching them!

- Kelsey Heiney

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