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Dec. 18th Positive Happenings

Each school day during the month of December and January, we want to share individual staff member messages about something positive that is happening within their class. Today's positive happening is from 3rd grade teacher Brooke Burns. Check out her positive happening below!

Today, to kick off Christmas break, we decided to have a Christmas activity filled day. We learned how to draw the Elf on the Shelf and showed off our artwork to each other! We also used Pear Deck to "decorate" our class Christmas tree, and each student was able to drag a few "ornaments" onto our tree. We did other activities, like guess the Christmas song, and discussed our favorite Christmas movies. It was nice to take a break from work and have a day to just have fun and enjoy the Christmas season! It's been a challenging year, but I am SO thankful for students who show up each day with a willingness to learn! Merry Christmas everyone!

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